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What is your booking fee/deposit rate?


Booking fee Rates ( these are no my hourly rates, this is the rates to hold your spot. Booking rates are below)

  • Hourly tattoo appointments 

    • $100 for weekday appointments 

    • $150 for weekend appointments

  • Touch Ups (If longer than an hour session)

    • $50 Holding Fee​ (refundable at appointment time)​

What is your rates?


My hourly rate is $250 an hr. My min and starting price is $250

I typically will do hourly for larger scale pieces. Most of the time I like to give a flat rate so that my clients know what to expect. 

Half days (3-4 hrs) $600-$800 ($200 an hr there after the time)

Full Days (6+hrs) $1200

Can I see my design prior? What happens if I want to change the concept?

I will no longer be sending any artwork prior to the appointment date. It will be the day of the appointment. Please be as detailed as possible with your tattoo idea so I can ensure drawing the most ideal possible tattoo design. Any small changes may be done day of the appointment. If any tattoo concepts are changed from the original, it may result in forfeit of booking fee and rescheduling. 

Does my booking fee/ Deposit go towards the cost of my tattoo?

 All booking fees will go towards the cost of your tattoo session. 

If you have multiple sessions, your deposit will be deducted on your last session. 

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