Booking info

A Booking Fee are required to schedule a tattoo appointment it is the same as a deposit. Please understand that due to my schedule and travel, I always require a Travel Booking Fee.

To schedule an appointment with me, please email with a detailed description of your tattoo idea, where you would like it to go on your body, approximately how big in inches (height x width) and any reference photos you may have . My assistant will get back to you within a 2-3 days. If a consultation is required you will be given my phone number t test or you will be scheduled a consultation time.

Booking fee:

  • All Booking fees are non-refundable. 


  • Please allow at least 72  hours notice to the artist if you may need to reschedule. 

  • Please allow at least ONE WEEK notice to the artist if you need to cancel your appointment. 

  • If appointment is cancelled after the allotted time, you will forfeit:​

    •  if appointment is NOT rescheduled immediately



Booking fee Rates:​

  • Hourly tattoo appointments 

    • $100 for weekday appointments 

    • $150 for weekend appointments

  • Touch Ups (If longer than an hour session)

    • $50 Holding Fee​ (refundable at appointment time)​

I will no longer be sending any artwork prior to the appointment date. It will be the day of the appointment. Please be as detailed as possible with your tattoo idea so I can ensure drawing the most ideal possible tattoo design. Any small changes may be done day of the appointment. If any tattoo concepts are changed from the original, it may result in forfeit of booking fee and rescheduling. 

 All booking fees will go towards the cost of your tattoo session. 

If you have multiple sessions, your deposit will be deducted on your last session.