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Please be advised that the following after care is intended for my clients. I do not advise anyone other then my personal clients that have gotten a tattoo service done by me to use this method. Please follow the artist's whom you received service from aftercare instructions. Don't ever listen to the internet, friends, or family. If you need to trouble shoot a tattoo contact your artist immediately then seen medical advice if you think you have a infection. 


Congratulations! If you are reading this, you just got tattooed by Mariana. Thank you for your trust and continued support. We are invested in your healing process and the longevity of your new art piece! As such, please refer to these detailed instructions for aftercare. As always, if you have any questions or concerns we are always happy to help. Do not hesitate to contact us at, we are here for you!

  • Please abstain from working out the day of your tattoo, you will also need to avoid pools and saunas for two weeks.

  • Your tattoo is wrapped in a protective layer to help its healing process called RecoveryDerm (Henceforth referred to as Derm), this allows the blood and plasma to be used by the tattooed skin to accelerate your healing. You need to leave your Derm on for 2-3 days, please do not keep it on longer than this amount of time unless directly told otherwise by Mariana.

  • Always wash your hands before handling the Derm or your tattoo!

  • You may take a shower in Derm as it is water resistant, but not submergible (No baths).

  • When it is time to remove or replace your Derm, use unscented soap (Dial is always a safe bet!) and water to gently peel it off above a sink or in the shower.

  • If you have been given a second piece to reapply, please follow these steps and then wait for it to be completely dry before applying.

  • Complications with Derm include the possibility of it opening. If you detect any wetness around your Derm or experience any dripping, immediately wash your hands and remove the derm. If fluid can move out, bacteria could move in!

  • In some cases, Derm may cause redness or irritation. If you feel like this is happening to you, you may be allergic to RecoveryDerm, please remove it using the above instructions to do so and contact us immediately. 

  • After the Derm is removed, always wash your hands before handling your tattoo. For the first day out of Derm, use the pacet of A&D ointment to apply a light layer on your tattoo. You will do this twice daily for this day only. Discard this packet and the remainder of the ointment after a full days use.

  • After the day of using the A&D, you will switch to using unscented lotion. Please continue to lotion your tattoo for the next 2-3 weeks even if it looks healed. When you shower, continue cleaning it with a gentle soap and water. 

  • If at any point in time you scratch or irritate your tattoo, please contact us immediately. Do not wait to see what happens, clean it with soap and water or antiseptic if you do not have immediate access to soap and water.

Touch ups are free for 6 months following your appointment, however, failure to follow these instructions may result in a touch-up fee. Remember to leave a review on google so we can continue getting better at what we do! We can’t wait to see your healed piece!

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