Uncovering the information about cover up tattoos.

I just want to start by saying that even us as tattooers have had a couple of questionable choices when it comes to getting tattoos. And maybe you thought that the blowing dandelion over your butt would be a good placement till you had a second glance. But the good news is that there are options. One option is removal, in which we will go over. And the second option is a cover up or rework. Cover ups are meant to disguise the appearance of an old tattoo. Shading, color, and line work help to cover the preexisting tattoo .A rework is just that, reworking an existing tattoo to get it back to its original state or better.

Before and after of a old hand tattoo coverup

Here are some common questions that get asked about cover ups.....

1. How much will a cover up tattoo cost?

A cover up tattoo can range in prices due to the sizing and the amount of sessions it will take to cover the piece up. Typically the hourly rate is slightly higher for cover ups because the amount of work it takes to cover up. For a quote stop in to consult with an artist.

2. I don't know what I want to cover up my tattoo with?

Try to get a couple ideas but don't be set on them. Be open to ideas. Not every design will work but we are here to help you.

3. I like my tattoo, I don't want to completely cover it but I think it can be better, what can I do?

Cover ups are always a option but if you like your tattoo and you want to make it look new then you can get it reworked. Reworking it will give your tattoo a fresh new look with out changing it completely.

Reworked a old tattoo

4. How many sessions would I need to completely cover my tattoo?

Honestly we won't know until you stop in and we can see the tattoo and know what design will be covering it. Sometimes it can be covered with one session (depending on the size) but even then you are going to want to come back for a free touch up session.

5. How big does my cover up have to be?

How big your cover will be all depends on the design and how dark/extensive the tattoo you covering is. But please be aware that it will be a significant jump in size. A lot of times covers are 50-80% bigger than the tattoo you want to cover.

6. What if my tattoo is not a candidate for a cover up? What are my other options?

Laser Removal is a option. Laser treatments can either lighten up the tattoo for a new tattoo or removal it completely.

Rework (3 sessions in this picture)

7. What is the price of a cover up?

Price all depends on various factors. The placement, the number of sessions, the design, ect. It's best to set up a consultation for a more accurate estimate.

8. How do you set up an appointment?

Email us using the contact forms and include as much information as possible including pictures of the piece. Sometimes a consultation is required, it varies from case to case. Consultations are all free of charge. Once we go through that initial process then you set up a deposit for the appointment date and that can be made with various methods of payement.....Cash App, Paypal, Square, Venmo and in person payments are accepted

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